FAQ / Infos

Which fuel is suitable for RCV engines?

We recommend 15% fully synthetic oil, Nitromethan 10-15%. Do not use significantly more than 15% oil as this will result in rough running. Do not use castor oil as this will gum up your engine, especially the rotary valve. We use Aerosynth 3 with best results and clean exhausts. Do not mix Aerosynth 3 with other oils.


Should I use an after run oil?

Normally this is not required. Exceptions maybe if your engine was running only short, for test purposes, did not reach operating temperature, which could result in unburned fuel left in the engine after stopping. If you want to stay on the safe side in this case you can add oil for conservation, about half of the displacement. Pour into the breather nipple.


What about cooling?

The RCVs need cooling as any other glow engine. If hidden under a cowl use the openings and a baffle to direct air around the cooling fins. Make also shure that the air can leave the cowl.


Which props should I use?

We achieved good results with APC props. Use the size recommended in the instruction of the engine. For running in we recommend rather heavy props, after break in also wooden props can be used.

Its is possible to experiment with the prop size for the SP engines to suit a special model. After break in you can use any prop that does not allow the engine to rev more than 6000 rpm on full throttle, and does not choke below 4000 rpm on full throttle.


Is there any noise from the gear when running?

No. The RCVs sound like any other fourstroke on the market.


Whats the lifetime of the rotary valve?

The rotary valve and the gear ist very sturdy, lifetime is most probably longer than the valves and pushrod of a conventional fourstroke.


Does it harm the engine when its started via spinner?

No. You can use an electric starter to start via spinner, or even hand start your engine.