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Ready available: The Supermarine S6

Constructed from original drawings, tested with 3 prototypes. Our Supermarine S6 is a worthy representative of the Golden Age of aviation. Made of glass/carbon, wingspan 152cm, weight with 5S is 3,9kg.

Scale features:

  • Planking panels on floats, wings, and elevator, oil tubes along fuselage
  • All surfaces hinged in grooves
  • Scale rigging with oval cross section
  • Fillets from struts to floats and fuselage 3D printed
  • Aileron linkage scale on upperside of wing, balance weight 3D printed

Wing Commander A.H. Orlebar, A.H. Orlebar

All controls are very effective at all speeds, except the lateral control which disappears rather suddenly at the stalling point. They are light to operate with the exception of the ailerons, and these are not uncomfortable.”

“On flattening out of the above speed (160 m.p.h.), the aircraft “floats” for at least a mile, which gives time to get the height above the water right. The aircraft should be held in the air as long as possible and the control column brought back till the angle of attack is about that at the moment of taking off.°

All the high speed aircraft were easy to fly and comparatively easy to land, but experience is needed for the take off”